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You will be able to purchase full downloadable reports of our research activities at a fee, using the PayFast secure payment gateway. These research reports are based on research we will have conducted in our state of the art consumer neuroscience laboratory. These reports will be available for purchase after the publication dates stipulated below. We also undertake commissioned research. Please contact us for more information.

Enticement of personal values

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With a business focus in mind the study was aimed at understanding the relationship between implicit reactions to certain values and the explicit understanding of these values.

Using psychophysiological measures in satisfaction surveys

The study will investigate the use of psychophysiological measures in satisfaction surveys by comparing rationally expressed satisfaction levels to unadulterated subconscious behavioural reactions. The study should provide greater clarity on the commonly accepted premise that rationally expressed levels of satisfaction, as measured by means of scaled questions, are reflective of sub-conscious behavioural intent and attraction. 

Data collection commencement:   April 2019

Expected reporting:  June 2019

Exploring the distractive effect of cellular phones on marketing stimuli recall.

The study will explore the use of psychophysiological measures in determining the effect of cellular telephone calls on attention, arousal and recall.  The study will provide insights on how to more accurately interpret recall measures given the prevalence of cellular connectivity in South Africa. 

Data collection commencement:   July 2019

Expected reporting:  September 2019

Impact of different advertising appeals

At a psychological level, what is it exactly that makes a consumer choose one brand over the competitor? It is assumed that this choice has more to do with methods of persuasion used by advertisers to make consumers feel a certain way about a product. 

In advertising, there are a number of ways to catch the attention of your audience. These appeals can be broken down into emotional and rational approaches. An experimental research design will be used to test the behavioural impact of commonly used emotional advertising appeals (social, fear, humour, endorsement, adventure, popularity, etc.) and rational appeals (pain solution, scarcity, statistics, testimonial, etc.). The findings should provide greater insight in evaluating and deciding on a particular appeal when promoting an idea, product or service.

Data collection commencement:   October 2019

Expected reporting:  December 2019